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We pride ourselves in our ability to identify and present high-quality traceable coffee beans from Ethiopia to the international marketplace. We take the pain out of the end-to-end purchasing process. Below is how we help our existing and future customers:

  • Targeted Sourcing: We provide access to the best and rarest coffees that Ethiopia has to offer. These include conventional (non-certified) and certified coffees (Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Bird Friendly, Utz, etc...)
  • Delicate Harvesting: We work only with farmers that harvest by hand picking methodology, preserving the true integrity and quality of the ripe coffee beans. This is a critical step that needs to be regularly practiced, in order to meet and exceed the requirements of the specialty coffee world.
  • Detailed Processing: We work with wet mills located throughout the coffee regions within Ethiopia, to produce our coffee in an effective and timely manner, using both washed and sun-dried (natural) methods.
  • Meticulous Grading: Our Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) trained and certified coffee graders make sure that all of our green coffee beans meet or exceed the specialty coffee standards set by the CQI and other specialty coffee associations such as the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ).
  • Efficient Logistics: We utilize modern warehouses to properly and safely store our coffee prior to shipping. Our proven logistics process assists with all of our customers' shipping needs, including documentation/certification; dealing with trusted and respected freight forwarders; and direct loading to the Port of Djibouti with the ability to work directly with vessel companies.
Rift Valley Trading
Specialty Coffee Association of America - 2012 Member