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We source the finest coffee beans produced within Ethiopia. We work with the farmers that produce the most known varieties such as Yirgacheffe™, Sidamo™, Harrar™, and Jimma. We are also committed to introduce varieties that are not well known in the world market today such as Limu, Tepi/Bebeka, Lekempti/Gimbi and others. Our sourcing capability will be attractive to our worldwide buyers that seek traceability through a solid process to help them find what they are seeking. It is well known around the world for centuries that Ethiopia's gift to the world is Coffee. It is considered to be "the Coffee of Royalty." Ethiopian coffee is considered to be the world's finest coffee not only because it offers extreme diversities of flavor, but also because it provides highly demanded naturally organic coffees.

Below are the main characteristics of the Ethiopian coffees we offer:

Yirgacheffe™: Washed best highland grown coffee (1,750-2,400m [5,800-7,800ft]), recognized as a distinct character, set apart for exceptional citrus and floral flavor with its firm and fine acidity and viscous round and creamy mouth full tactile sensation. When processed natural (sun-dried) has a pleasant aftertaste. The bean is uniform, thick, medium-to-bold, blue in color, oval in shape and compacted. Washed only, this is the most famous washed Ethiopian coffee, especially in the United States, with a soft, fragrant and flowery note very distinctive.

Sidamo™: Produces washed and exceptional natural coffee, with medium pointed to pointed/firm acidity and medium to full tactile sensation having its own distinct flavor notes of spice and citrus grown in an altitude range from 1,550-2,200m (5,085-7,218ft). The bean is small to medium sized, and greenish/grayish to blue in color. Washed and sun-dried (natural) processed.

Harrar™: Famous worldwide for its distinctive, genuine mocha flavor; soft, smooth and round tactile sensation. The longberry and amber beans are thick and oval in shape, medium to large in size, greenish to yellow/umber in color. The elevation range of Harrar is 1,800-2,200m (5,900 - 7,218ft). Sun dried processed only. Produced in the eastern highlands, it is exported from Dire Dawa, and is one of the finest premium coffees, and the most famous natural Ethiopian coffee.

Limu: Washed with lively medium to firm acidity with smooth to round tactile sensation, balanced and well known for its distinctive red-wine flavored that grows in an altitude range from 1,400-2,100m (4,500 - 6,900ft). The bean have uniform appearance, blue in color, medium to bold and thick in size and oblong to round in shape. Washed only, it is renowned for its good cup, sweet, spicy/winey flavor and balanced body and is therefore sought by many roasters, especially in Europe and United States. It is one of the premium gourmet coffees worldwide.

Jimma: The bulk of Ethiopian natural export coffee, often used in blends. Has a medium acidity, good and pleasant body. Grown in an altitude range of 1,650-2,000m (5,413 - 6,562ft), the beans are medium to bold, oval and thick. Sun dried processed only, it is the best known Ethiopian coffee by the coffee industry, and represents the bulk of Ethiopian coffee exports. But it covers a multitude of south western coffees, as Limu unwashed processed coffee, as well as specialty coffees are often simply exported as Jimma coffee.

Tepi/Bebeka: Most come from the state-owned plantations of Tepi/Bebeka and a large privately owned plantation. With the altitude range of 1,000 - 1,100m (3,280 - 3,600ft), this coffee has soft and smooth acidity with rich and rounded tactile sensation with some nutty and caramel notes. The beans are large, thick, wider center cut, pointed ends, less specific density, and greenish to grayish appearance in color. Washed only, these coffees have less acidity, body and soft flavor but assist roasters to achieve specific results in their blends.

Lekempti/Gimbi: Recognized for its full and fruity flavor (altitude 1,700-2,200m [5,570-7,210ft]), medium to pointed acidity and medium to full tactile sensation with its own distinct noting character of fruity finish. The beans are generally medium in size, green to grayish in color. Washed and sun-dried (natural) processed. It is an important part of many roasters' blends but could be a gourmet single variety.

Based on the request of our customers, we also have the capability to source and deliver a specific type/variety of coffee beans not listed above.

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