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About Us

We at Rift Valley Trading LLC (RVT) are committed to all aspects of Ethiopia's Gift to the World - Coffee. We specialize in sourcing organically grown and Q-graded green coffee beans from multiple regions in Ethiopia, including Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Jimma, Harrar, Limu and Keffa. Our ability to consistently identify and present high-quality coffee beans is unsurpassed. We source only the best coffees from Ethiopia, in a way that honors our family heritage and ties to the land. 

We pride ourselves in implementing ethically and socially responsible practices when working with our farmers and their communities. It is our core belief that when both quality and moral standards are applied throughout the process, the result is a consistent and superior product for our customers.

Since the 1950's, three generations of our family had been in the coffee and agriculture business, with our family coffee operations beginning in the "Harrar" region, which produces one of the most sought-after coffee varietals in the world. With such a strong history and knowledge of the Ethiopian coffee industry within our family, we have instituted a practice to only work with the farmers that share our believes of our core commitment: which are growing the best organic coffees in the world with a focus on transparency, sustainability, and traceability.

We know that the best coffees come not just from the best beans, but from the happiest farmers. RVT has made a commitment to foster passion in taking care of our partner farms, and rewarding our farmers so that their passion and energy will yield quality beans with a consistent output, year-in/year-out. It is our great privilege to be working with these farmers and create visibilities for their products around the world.

RVT is a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and is headquartered in the City of South Pasadena, near Los Angeles, California, USA. RVT also has the capability to address all quality and grades of coffee, as well as the capacity to meet large volumes required by its buyers.

Rift Valley Trading
Specialty Coffee Association of America - 2012 Member